Hello and welcome to the first bi-weekly Long Covid Canada Newsletter!

We hope that each week we are able to bring you the latest news, research, surveys and opinion pieces that you may have missed earlier that week, in one handy and concise format.

With a short and to-the-point writing style, we hope that this will be helpful to those patients who struggle to read, have issues with their vision or currently continue to suffer from debilitating brainfog and fatigue. We also hope that this style also caters to those with very busy lives or for those who rarely go onto social media.

I hope that in future editions we will additionally feature some personal stories, testimonials and journeys from the international community, a more detailed look into our team, as well as interviews and discussions with other advocacy organizations, researchers and policy makers.

Because of the ever-changing landscape that is the topic of Long Covid, we will absolutely continue to strive to share only the most recent articles and peer-reviewed science, with a focus on collating information that can be trustingly shared amongst our community of patients, researchers, health-care professionals and policy makers.

We hope that over the course of our upcoming publications, we will be able to incorporate other elements to the newsletter. Suggestions and collaborations are integral and crucial to our growth as a patient-led organization.

Since our inception in June of 2020 as Canada’s first Long Covid national support and resource group, our goal has been to gain acknowledgment from the Federal Government of Canada on this concerning issue. As our country now moves forward with this as a recognized airborne virus that now has up to 60% of Covid patients suffering from Long Covid, we feel that a co-ordinated effort needs to be immediately moved forward in gathering all of the new data, research, opportunities and news in one place – from a reputable and already established source of information within the community.

As we continue forward with each issue, we hope to hear from you – our subscribers – in how best we can help you with the information we present.

I personally thank you for subscribing and if you’d like to support Long Covid Canada in any way, please email us directly at: admin@longcovidcanada.ca

Without further ado, our first issue lays ahead….

Jonah McGarva

Co-Found & Director, Long Covid Canada