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Throughout the pandemic those experiencing Long Covid sequelae have bravely shared their experiences, changing the narrative and broadening our knowledge of how Covid 19 affects one’s body and mind.

By sharing our stories and experiences with the novel virus, we bring recognition and understanding, hope and attention to the plight of many.

In the News

Abbotsford British Columbia image of Emergency sign outside of hospital

One of B.C.’s few Covid recovery clinics faces possible closure.

CBC News

Image of Adriana Patino, she is wearing a mask with her arms crossed

Covid 19: People suffering from long-Covid fight uphill battle for acknowledgment and support

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Image of a nurse administering a PCR nasal swab on a patient

Lack of PCR should not impact long-term disability benefits for those with Long Covid

Ruth Castellanos with CTV Your Morning Show

Steve McAuley and Chandra Pasma with Angie Seth

Jonah McGarva with Angie Smith

Ruth Castellanos with CBC

Chantal Renaud with CTV News

Emily Bodechon with CTV News

Jonah McGarva with CityNews

CTV W5 Investigates Long Covid

CBC Marketplace

CTV W5 ~ Year 2

Women and Long Covid

Jonah McGarva and Medical Errors

Candice Makhan with CBC

Jonah McGarva with Vancouver is Awesome

“I Shouldn’t Have to Beg For My Life”

Adriana Patino featured on Global News

New MUHC study underway into COVID patients whose symptoms persist for months

Is COVID-19 long-haul depression tied to brain inflammation? CAMH study aims to find out

How has Covid 19 impacted your life?

We reached out to Canadians across the country, asking them how Covid -19 impacted their lives. Here are a collection of their stories.

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Chantal Renaud ~ Rockland, Ontario
Steve McCAuley ~ Coverdale, BC
Rabia Jaffar ~ Toronto, Canada
Nicole R. ~ Langley, BC
Karen K. ~ Interior BC
Charles J

Why are we sharing our Stories?

Covid-19 is a novel virus and the full impact of Long Covid sequela has yet to be acknowledged by the Canadian government and Public Health officers. Long Covid in Canada is affecting and will continue to affect our citizen’s and our society at large.

According to the latest research, 1/3 of every daily total Covid -19 case will go on to develop Long Covid.

Canadian policymakers and public health officials need to start taking Long Covid seriously, investing in research, identifying therapies, and providing income supports.

We raise awareness, offering understanding, attention, and hope to all affected by Long Covid.