On June 30th 2020, a cohort of Canadians and permanent residents wrote a letter to the provinces public health officials warning of Long Covid symptoms affecting Canadians and their loved ones.

Almost a year later most of us are still sick. And our numbers have grown exponentially.

With little to no support throughout the pandemic, survivors and Long Haulers across Canada have banded together forming grassroots advocacy campaigns, initiatives and communities.

We aim to raise awareness of Long Covid for policy makers and public health officials, employers and workplaces.

We want to inspire hope and understanding while creating a space of healing for so many of those suffering.

A movement. A support group. Nonpartisan, science based. A platform for hope. For recognition. For research. For Rehabilitation.


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By sharing our stories we bring recognition to the personal, physical and mental effects of Covid-19

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“The prolonged health effects that some patients experience after contracting Covid-19 can have a terrible impact on their lives – and as GP’s, we want to do what we can to help them.”

Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs

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