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Long Covid in kids occurs far more often than many realize and can occur after a mild or asymptomatic illness. cites that around %8% of children will have longer lasting symptoms. Symptoms may wax and wane and can occur in a cyclic manner, making diagnosis and treatment difficult. As variants continue to rage through Canada, our children are more at risk for Long Covid and severe disease. Here are some common symptoms:

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Long Covid is a multi-system condition. Symptoms may wax and wane and often occur in a cyclic manner. There has been over 200 symptoms attributed to the sequelae, here are some of the most common:

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Kids and Covid

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Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been told that children are not seriously affected by Covid 19.

The reality of Covid 19 for some children is far different. Serious long term complications, regardless of severity of the first stages of Covid 19 have been cited across the world.

The government of Canada and provincial Public Health Officers have continuously downplayed the severity of Covid and Kids throughout the pandemic. Despite research showing that Long Covid affects up to 58% of children in Canada.

BC School Covid Tracker
BC School Covid TrackerA citizen initiative to bring awareness to Covid school exposures in BC
The British Columbia government has not been issuing exposure notices about cases within schools, nor are they publishing numbers on covid exposures and children affected.

In order to keep families and our children safe, if you live in BC and your child attends school and has a positive covid test, please inform BC School Covid Tracker.

Support Our Students Alberta
Support Our Students AlbertaNon-Profit Organization advocating for equitable and accessible education for all Alberta Children
The Alberta government does not mandate school districts to have contact tracing, masking, cohorts or notify and publicize Covid 19 infections in their schools.

Support our Students is now encouraging families to notify them of Covid-19 infections so they may publicize and inform families of cases within their schools and classrooms.

If you are in Alberta and your family has a Covid case, please contact SOS so other families may be aware of the situation in their schools.

Has Long Covid affected your children?

Please consider sharing with us your family's experience. By sharing our stories we bring more awareness to Long Covid and it's sequelae in children.

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Canada has no published data on Kids and Long Covid.

A recent survey out of Rome, Italy in patients under 18 years of age revealed more than 50% of those surveyed exhibited at least one symptom lasting up to four months, while 22.5% presented with three or more after a Covid-19 infection.

We need to start counting #LongCovid in Canada. The evidence is there. The research is there. View our Recognition Initiatives to see what you can do to ensure Canadian kids suffering from the virus are heard.

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We now know that children can absolutely get sick from Covid-19, that they can die from it, and that they can develop long-term health complications, even if their initial presentation seemed mild.

"We now know that children can absolutely get sick from Covid 19, that they can die from it, and that they can develop long-term health complications, even if their initial presentation seemed mild.

Leah Campbell,

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