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Long Covid is a multi-system condition. Symptoms may wax and wane and often occur in a cyclic manner. There has been over 200 symptoms attributed to the sequelae, here are some of the most common:

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Canada’s 1st grassroots Long Covid advocacy initiative and support group. Fact based, non partisan, All Welcome! Families, BIPOC, LGBQT

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Symptoms of Long Covid in Kids2021-09-29T20:36:51+00:00

Long Covid in kids occurs far more often than many realize and can occur after a mild or asymptomatic illness. cites that around %8% of children will have longer lasting symptoms. Symptoms may wax and wane and can occur in a cyclic manner, making diagnosis and treatment difficult. As variants continue to rage through Canada, our children are more at risk for Long Covid and severe disease. Here are some common symptoms:

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Healing is hard. This page is a collection of resources to help support you on your journey with Long Covid.

Are you a physician or practitioner supporting a Long Covid patient? We’d love to hear from you!

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One of the most frustrating things about Covid 19, is that the course of the virus seems to effect each individual differently. Healing from the long term effects can be even more convoluted.

There is no magic pill (so far) that can help. Long Covid is very much a multi system affliction, regardless if you were hospitalized. With the sheer amount of symptoms one faces, it’s difficult for both patients and physicians to create an appropriate plan.

There are no formal guidelines for diagnosing Long Covid, creating even more obstacles for doctors and patients. All Covid clinics require a positive PCR test to access support, effectively neglecting an entire subset of individuals who could not access or were refused testing in the early months of the pandemics. They may take a doctors referral, but without guidelines for doctors to follow, patients are not getting the diagnosis they need.

Finding help and treatment in Canada can be extremely difficult. There is very little information, no guidelines or consensus to guide patients or physicians.

We’re here to change that.

Breathwork for post-covid LongHaulers. An easily accessible program that you can participate in from the comfort of your home. Part of the Mount Sinai Post-Covid Recovery Program.
Suzy Bolt
Suzy Bolt
Yoga and Meditation for Gentle Covid Recovery. Suzy is a long hauler herself and provides supportive, caring, live group yoga classes and pre-recorded videos.
Stronger Together by Curatio
Stronger Together by Curatio
An online app that offers coaching and peer to peer support.
Covid 19 Recovery Clinic
Covid 19 Recovery Clinic
Covid 19 Recovery Clinic based in Edmonton, Alberta
Breathe Well Physio
Breathe Well Physio
Breathe, Speak, Pace is an innovative program to help individuals manage symptoms of Long Covid such as breathlessness, fatigue, cough and hoarse voice. The program is led by a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and voice specialist in an on-line, small group format.

Mental Health

The full impact that Covid has on your mind is still being studied. Research is showing that Covid has drastic implications on your brain. Strokes, dementia. brain fog, mini blood clots, paranoia, psychosis, anxiety, terror. Survivors will wholeheartedly concur that whatever the mechanism, your mental health suffers a lot in Long Covid.

The full breadth of mental health implications after a Covid 19 infection has yet to be acknowledged, studied and published in Canada.

If you are post-covid and experiencing intrusive thoughts, severe anxiety, fear or thoughts of suicide, please seek immediate medical attention. Mental Health Supports

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