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Throughout the pandemic those experiencing Long Covid sequelae have bravely shared their experiences, changing the narrative and broadening our knowledge of how Covid 19 affects one’s body and mind.

By sharing our stories and experiences with the novel virus, we bring recognition and understanding, hope and attention to the plight of many.

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Long Covid is a multi-system condition. Symptoms may wax and wane and often occur in a cyclic manner. There has been over 200 symptoms attributed to the sequelae, here are some of the most common:

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Canada’s 1st grassroots Long Covid advocacy initiative and support group. Fact based, non partisan, All Welcome! Families, BIPOC, LGBQT

Join now! Long Covid Canada Support Group

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Symptoms of Long Covid in Kids2021-09-29T20:36:51+00:00

Long Covid in kids occurs far more often than many realize and can occur after a mild or asymptomatic illness. Canada.gov cites that around %8% of children will have longer lasting symptoms. Symptoms may wax and wane and can occur in a cyclic manner, making diagnosis and treatment difficult. As variants continue to rage through Canada, our children are more at risk for Long Covid and severe disease. Here are some common symptoms:

Are you or your child exhibiting symptoms of Long Covid? Join our support group for more info.

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How has Covid 19 impacted your life?

We reached out to Canadians across the country, asking them how Covid -19 impacted their lives. Here are a collection of their stories.

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Chantal Renaud ~ Rockland, Ontario
Steve McCAuley ~ Coverdale, BC
Rabia Jaffar ~ Toronto, Canada
Nicole R. ~ Langley, BC
Karen K. ~ Interior BC
Charles J

Why are we sharing our Stories?

Covid-19 is a novel virus and the full impact of Long Covid sequela has yet to be acknowledged by the Canadian government and Public Health officers. Long Covid in Canada is affecting and will continue to affect our citizen’s and our society at large.

According to the latest research, 1/3 of every daily total Covid -19 case will go on to develop Long Covid.

Canadian policymakers and public health officials need to start taking Long Covid seriously, investing in research, identifying therapies, and providing income supports.

We raise awareness, offering understanding, attention, and hope to all affected by Long Covid.


To raise awareness, hope and understanding of Long Covid and it’s sequelae, let’s work together. Send in your stories about how Covid 19 has impacted your life now.

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