On June 30th, 2020 a cohort of Canadians and permanent residents penned a letter to Dr. Theresa Tam and each Provincial Chief of Public Health officer throughout Canada. We wrote warning of Long Covid sequelae impacting lives and livelihoods throughout Canada.

The sequelae was affecting us, our children, family members and friends. Unchecked, unacknowledged and quite often, unbelieved by physicians, employers and policy makers.

Close to a year later, most of us are still sick.

Close to a year later, we still have no acknowledgment, resources or support.

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View our letter sent on June 30th 2020 warning of Long Covid symptoms affecting Canadian survivors.

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Dr. Bonnie Henry’s response, speaking as the Chair, Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health

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Misconceptions about Long Covid  in Canada

Dr. Bonnie stating that Long Covid only occurs after an ICU visit

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Not everything is known about these persistent signs and symptoms of “long Covid.” And yet, a part of our fellow citizens already live with it. Research is underway and our health system is adapting. We need to learn, recognize and care for patients.

Emmanuel Macron. President of France

Long Covid in Canada

Is not widely recognized nor acknowledged by our Government or publicly elected officials. We were recently mistaken to be Long Haul truckers!

Provincial Letter

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Please help us raise our voices and inform our publicly elected officials of Long Covid in Canada. Find my Local Member of Provincial Government ‘s Contact Information

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The diagnosis and treatment of invisible illnesses in Canada is often absent or prolonged due to a high degree of stigma in our society.

Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, allergies, Lyme disease and mental illness are notoriously ignored, unacknowledged and underfunded in the Canadian health care system.

Chronic Fatigue and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis symptoms have been seen to overlap in some cases of Long Covid. A diagnosis of such often entails numerous physicians and testing, with little to no treatment or support after the initial diagnosis.

Dysautonomia is also being documented both early on in the Acute stage of Covid 19 and is indicated as a possible answer for the months to years long sequelae that Long Covid sufferers across the world are now facing.

Dysautonomia International states an average of SEVEN years is often the span it takes for a patient to receive a formal diagnosis of POTS, a form of Dysautonomia. A POTS like syndrome is becoming an alarmingly common diagnosis seen in Covid survivors.

The same website has only 17 physicians across Canada to recommend as knowledgable of Dysautonomia. As many patients in Canada know, finding a doctor who is even aware of the condition’s existence is few and far between.

Studies are showing that 1 in 3 individuals who come into contact with Covid 19 will go on to develop long term symptoms. The amount of Canadians who are experiencing Long Covid far outweighs medical professionals in Canada who are able to diagnose and give appropriate treatment.

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