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For Canadians and their loved ones experiencing Long Covid

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As patients and survivors ourselves, we strive to provide an unbiased, informative, non-political resource and platform for Canadians and their loved ones living with Long Covid. We strive to raise recognition of Long Covid in Canada.


On June 30th, 2020 a cohort of Canadians who were stricken by the virus in the early days of the pandemic penned a letter to the leaders of Canada’s Public Health Response and our Elected Representatives

to raise awareness and warning of Long Covid symptoms going unchecked and unacknowledged within the Canadian population.

Close to a year later, most of us are still sick.

Close to a year later, we still have no acknowledgment, resources or support.

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Resources and Support

A collection of resources, websites and blogs that are furthering advocacy, health reform initiatives and hope for the Long Covid Movement

A collection of resources and data on the impacts of Kids and Covid.

A collection of support and the latest information on healing with Long Covid

A collection of resources and support offered throughout Canada.

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